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I know of very few people for whom the years since Covid have not, in some way or other, been challenging. Many are experiencing health ups and downs, economic twists and turns or some or other uncertainty doubtless based on national and international unpredictability. For me personally, navigating a season of grief has often felt daunting. Those of you who have shared such seasons know only too well of the days of numbness when one suddenly realises the huge gaps that have opened out in one’s life. Here at Temenos, the sudden space left by Michael felt at first overwhelming given that he played such a huge role at the Retreat for over twenty years. How was one to overnight bring such experience and passion to the practical running of the Centre and the restaurant? Thus I sought advice and help.

Feeling Inspired, I recalled that Michael had long enjoyed an excellent professional relationship with Chef Christian Campbell who kindly came out to see me. In answer to a prayer he informed that he had changed direction in his life and was not heading up his own business Living Exchanges. For those who may not be aware, Christiaan specializes in business reorganization through collaboration and connection. This includes the professional training of staff in a more harmonious and effective workplace. He also adheres to a course of sustainability and ethical food sourcing which fitted so well with the ethos of Temenos.

I do not know how I would have managed over the last 18 months without Christiaan’s skill and guidance. Not only did he assist me in refurbishing our very old and outdated kitchen, but more importantly for me, he has dedicated himself to the upliftment and empowerment of our staff.

Their loyalty throughout my season of change has been beyond heartwarming, and to see them continue flourishing brings me ongoing, exceeding joy.

The time has now come however for Christiaan to leave us and ease into his next LIVING EXCHANGES project. He will however be returning regularly as a consultant. Luqmann, our delightful chef of 12 months, will now take the helm supported by our marvelous kitchen, hospitality and front of House team.

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of all of our staff – and especially me – of thanking Christiaan and Moya for supporting, encouraging and seeing me through a very challenging time of my life. With spring approaching we now look forward to a new chapter at Temenos. Long may our enthusiastic and empowered team flourish.

I trust that your spring is full of potential for new chapters.




Winter Wonderland Weekday Treat

Come and enjoy McGregor’s wonderful winter. Champagne crisp days, sunny skies, log fires and starry nights.

Stay 4 nights and pay for 2

Women’s month

Take time out to rest and restore and pamper yourself with a wide variety of treatments.

Open to men too, of course!

Wednesday – Sunday


Or stay over the weekend, Friday – Sunday


Dine and Stay

A couple’s romantic getaway includes an a la carte diner and 2 breakfasts

Temenos Silent Retreat

August 21 – 25

The silent Retreat is offered as a space in which our inner life is invited to breathe its own breath, to speak its own voice, to dream its own dreams. Daily facilitated session s will be offered to the group, and individuals may sign up for personal conversations, in order to provide a supportive container for that inner work. These will be facilitated by a member of the Temenos community

4 nights’ accommodation and vegetarian meals

The Creative Muse at Play:

A Creativity Retreat with Johann van Greunen September 1 – 3

This retreat aims to help us develop tools that we can use in our daily lives to keep the Creative Muse at play and our inspiration alive. We will engage Mindfulness Practices like Meditation and Movement, the group MARI® (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) process, Music and spontaneous Creative Activities to assist us with this.

Upcoming Events at Temenos

Poetry immersion

Thursday 10th August – 15h00

Poetry Immersion is a deep-dive into beautiful modern poetry read to the accompaniment of music., The afternoon includes a supporting cast of meditative time in nature and pockets of creativity. An opportunity to relax and let your soul speak. Bring your journal to record your reflections.

Led by Kath Higgens

Sound Immersion

Weekend 26th Saturday Aug - 16h00

Sunday 27th Aug - 11h00

The Well at Temenos / By donation

Immerse yourself in a profound state of relaxation, enveloped by the resonating frequencies of diverse sound healing instruments including Tibetan singing bowls, koshi chimes, and the flute.

By donation

For more information on all the above visit


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