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Temenos Retreat announces new culinary leadership

Temenos Retreat bids farewell to Chef Luqmahn Cloete with gratitude for his exceptional contributions in shaping the restaurant’s culinary journey. Luqmahn’s creativity and passion for food have been instrumental in establishing Temenos as a destination for discerning diners. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of a new team of talented chefs to lead Temenos kitchen. Chef Brent Bronn and Chef Bernice Bronn, the former chefs and owners of Gezelligheid restaurant, will bring their collective experience and innovative spirit to our menu. These talented chefs, known for their innovative and collaborative approach to cuisine, will take the helm at Tebaldi’s and Out of Africa, bringing their signature flair and passion to the menu.


Diners can expect a continuation of Temenos commitment to using fresh, seasonal ingredients while introducing exciting new dishes that reflect the new chefs’ unique approach to cuisine. We look forward to this exciting new chapter for Temenos and to welcoming both our loyal patrons and new guests to experience the culinary artistry of our incoming chefs.


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