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Autumn Newsletter

The beauty of Autumn has come to the gardens of Temenos and along with its golden approach, a deepening stillness. Every year, at this time of year, many of us sense an inner invitation to more solitude and silence. Indeed, there was a time in my own life when Autumn would entice me to retreat to secluded places in nature or to the hushed tranquility of monasteries. These were times too when alongside meditation, the desire for and practice of prayer could deepen.

In our secular age the concept of prayer is often dismissed as stuffy or naïve while the popularity of mindfulness, with all its undoubted benefits, has soared. There is little doubt, given the turbulent world we live in, that there is a collective longing for times to quieten down and drown out the ceaseless chatter and sirens of modern life.

Last week, while walking through our gardens, I was reminded of what an old monk once pointed out to me while walking through a forest. “Do you see the orange and gold fire”, he said pointing up to the autumn trees? Encouraging me to pay attention a little longer than usual, so as to take in the depth of miracle unfolding in front of my eyes, he suggested I find words to express my sense of wonder and gratitude. To my unceasing amazement, this practice of taking time to express gratitude, leads to another miracle. A moment in which another voice, an internal whisper, may respond.

Prayer has been a constant through all human civilizations. One of the reasons is that it provides a doorway to thanks, a way of relating to the world without our egos.

Each day we encounter small amounts of grace and miracle that all too often go unnoticed. Irrespective of whether one stands on a mountaintop or in a forest or temple or cathedral, there can be much to gain from touching the stillness, paying attention and then opening our hearts into a mystery bigger than ourselves.

This Autumn we are offering guests several ways to retreat whether it be deepening a mindfulness practice or opening in silence to the mystery of prayer. There are also retreats to nourish body, mind and soul as well as opportunities to replenish one’s creative spirit. For those who need to embrace stillness without any formality we are introducing Loving the Silence weeks when our gardens will be reserved for guests only.  

May Autumn be for you a time of deeper stillness and golden gratitude.


Billy, the gardener


From May to August we have annually offered our popular Winter specials. Time to enjoy the clear day skies and starry nights of McGregor. Book any two weekday nights and get two free. You will also receive our Restaurant passport which entitles you to a 10% discount on all meals (excluding beverages) at either of our restaurants.


Bring your outer or inner beloved to the beauty and tranquility of our gardens. Enjoy lazy days in the warm winter sun, walks through our village or a hike into our nature reserves, delicious lunches or dinners in our cozy restaurants, the superb wines of our valley and log fires in your cottage. Sunday Night FREE.


At different times of the year are gardens are closed to the general public for formal retreats. Due to popular demand however we have been requested to extend this option for undisturbed tranquility to other times of the year so that our guests may come and just do their own thing but embrace a deeper stillness around them.


This popular retreat is suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners of mindfulness and is held in a nurturing and containing atmosphere of contemplative silence.

For more information, contact Sue Cooper 083 4562569 or visit our website


17th – 19th May

A weekend of inner nourishment. Open to more wonder flow and possibility through movement, breath, creativity, nature and connection.

For more information or visit our website


24th – 26th May

Enjoy a weekend connecting with your inner creativity and calming the mind. We will gentle guide you in mindful practices and soothing methods of creating

For more information contact Cathy 073 195 9082 or visit our website

A course commencing on June 1st – 3rd

‘Relationships are central to our lives-when they go well and we are happy, when they are broken, we suffer. This course commencing on June 1st enables us to build relationships that will improve our lives, and make a difference in the world, in the smallest and biggest of ways’.

For more information visit our website or contact Briar Grimlay


10th - 12th June

A formal retreat during which the Temenos are gardens are closed to the public. An opportunity to embrace inner and outer stillness so as to listen to the yearnings of the soul and the heart. A time of silent meditation and prayer.

Retreat includes Yoga, three daily meditation sessions, simple vegetarian meals, an optional opportunity to meet with a retreat director/soul companion, and the option of body therapies.


17th – 19th  June

Experience vibrational medicine through the gentle practice of sound meditations, chanting, movement and journaling. Reflect and commune with others in a community setting.

For more information visit our website or call Thomas at 082 686 4140


Have you thought of running a workshop or retreat at Temenos? Bookings open for spring 2024. Please contact us at for facilitator specials.


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