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May 17, 2024

You're invited to join for a weekend of Inner Nourishment and be held in the arms of Temenos.

An opportunity to open to more wonder, flow and possibility through movement, breath, creativity, nature and connection.


We will draw from nature and the beautiful garden oasis to support us and offer inspiration.
We will let go of tension and awaken our bodies with breath, yoga, movement and free-style dance.
Delicious vegetarian meals will ground and nurture us.
Creative processes will encourage curiosity and allow insights to emerge.
There will be time for reflection, deep rest and shared connection. 

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June 10, 2024

For those guests who wish to embrace an even deeper level of soul work, a certain measure of solitude and stillness is essential. In this regards silence and Silent Retreats can prove very helpful especially if one wishes to listen to the deeper promptings of soul. In the great tradition of silent retreats, the art of conscious contemplation encourages one’ to await one’s own discovery’. Thomas Merton, the renowned contemplative monk once described this embracing of a contemplative experience as ‘giving something of one’s silly self away.’

Join us for a week of restful silence, meditation, prayer and Yoga.

Retreat Facilitator: Billy Kennedy

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July 26, 2024

Wisdom from the Unconscious
A Journey with Meditation, Music & Mandalas

On this silent retreat we will use the powerful methods of Guided Imagery in Music (GIM) and the Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI®) to facilitate connection and integration. This process of working with GIM and MARI® engages inner wisdom, intuition and insight that transcends language in a very powerful way.
This retreat will be structured as follows:

  • Early morning movement practices

  • Morning and early evening meditations

  • Adapted group GIM sessions

  • Adapted group MARI® sessions

  • Various adapted GIM sessions

  • Evening Sound Journeys.

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Nov 08, 2024

Due to many requests, our gardens will be reserved for our guests only who enjoy the silence and tranquillity of all that we offer.

This is the ideal opportunity to unwind and relax, only to be disturbed by the birds.  The sound of water.  The wind in the trees and your softening breath.












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May 24, 2024

ART & MINDFULNESS with Cathy Milner & Tracy Prowse


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June 17, 2024

Experiance vibrational medicine through the practice of sound meditations, chanting and mindful singing, movement, and journaling. Reflect and connect with others in a community setting (Satsang).

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Oct 11, 2024

Spring is the Season of Awakening to new possibilities and new life. For the soul a journey into spring can entail undertaking new projects, giving attention to desires and hopes that stir up after the slumber and sleep associated with winter, or even making some important life changes. A silent space to focus on awakening of the senses and spirit is especially needed as our bodies and souls are often depleted through all the challenges and the relentless demands that our current lives and work environments hold. This silent retreat will create the sacred space for solitude and deep reflection to facilitate this soul journey into spring through the practices of mindfulness, meditation, yoga and movement.


Nov 22, 2024

Reiki Retreat
Inspiration, Rejuvenation, Soul-Care

This retreat, offered in the beautiful and nurturing environment of Temenos, is for Reiki Practitioners and Masters. As energy healers we often find ourselves depleted and in need of support and nurturing. Taking a retreat is an invaluable part of taking care of ourselves, rest and rejuvenate in order to return to our practices of caring for others with renewed and inspired energy. This retreat aims to provide the space for rest and replenishment, as well as receiving healing from others in a group context, connect with other Reiki healers, and refresh our skills-base through group discussions.


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June 1, 2024


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June 28, 2024

Join us for an intense weekend of Authentic Traditional Astrology.

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Oct 25, 2024

This silent weekend retreat will explore ways in which we can discover the courage within ourselves to live wholeheartedly and authentically. Through the emotional containment of silence and meditation, we will ground ourselves more fully and open-heartedly in the present moment, discovering the joy that comes through connecting to ourselves and to life with compassionate simplicity and discerning wisdom.

Through meditation practices which cultivate calm and tranquility, we will establish an inner refuge, a safe home within, which rests on a foundation of kindness and compassion towards ourselves. This creates the conditions to heal the fragmentation that comes from living with fear, perfectionism and shame. 


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