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Take a look at all the activities planned for this month.

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Feb  02, 2024

If you’re searching for more, and feel a deep desire to discover real meaning, fulfilment and purpose in life, then you’re in the right place. Join me, Di Hill Transformational Coach, Energy Healer and your dedicated Retreat Host for this life changing weekend. You are warmly invited into this beautiful natural sanctuary where you can leave the external world behind and enter into a loving supportive healing space to discover your true calling in life.

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April  12, 2024

We need time to restore and heal our bodies that are energetically depleted from anxiety, stress, trauma and grief. It is time to re-story our narratives about our life situations that keep us stuck in negativity and lethargy.


It is time to rekindle the creative energies needed to move forward with a sense of hope, joy and connectedness.

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Dec  14, 2023

Time for Reflection Retreat


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Feb  9, 2024

Embrace yourself and your loved one in the tranquillity of the Temenos Retreat Centre, McGregor. Give your partner the gift of reconnection, relaxation and romance this Valentine’s Day.

The business of everyday life often means there is no time to engage with your partner on the level you did before the stress of work and, possibly, children became your focus.

This year, forget the flowers and chocolates and join us for something lasting: a romantic, creative, memorable experience.

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July 26, 2024

On this silent retreat we will use the powerful methods of Guided Imagery in Music (GIM) and the Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI®) to facilitate connection and integration. This process of working with GIM and MARI® engages inner wisdom, intuition and insight that transcends language in a very powerful way.
This retreat will be structured as follows:

  • Early morning movement practices

  • Morning and early evening meditations

  • Adapted group GIM sessions

  • Adapted group MARI® sessions

  • Various adapted GIM sessions

  • Evening Sound Journeys.


Jan  26, 2024

This is an invitation to let go of the need for certainty. Step into the New Year in the present moment and open to possibility. Cultivate curiosity, and the ability to embrace paradox without taking sides. Our greatest challenge lies in accepting ourselves as we are while continuing to learn and let go into the mystery.

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Feb  19, 2024

Circle of Life Retreat with Celeste Du Toit

Deepen your Transformation Express your Full Potential


Start living MORE from your inner light and innate wisdom.

Away from the maddening daily demands on our resources, the myriad of opposing beliefs and ideas, and the rush of the constructed ego-world, we enter stillness and reflection, to feel our essence, and to hear the Call of our Soul.

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Oct 11, 2024

Spring is the Season of Awakening to new possibilities and new life. For the soul a journey into spring can entail undertaking new projects, giving attention to desires and hopes that stir up after the slumber and sleep associated with winter, or even making some important life changes. A silent space to focus on awakening of the senses and spirit is especially needed as our bodies and souls are often depleted through all the challenges and the relentless demands that our current lives and work environments hold. This silent retreat will create the sacred space for solitude and deep reflection to facilitate this soul journey into spring through the practices of mindfulness, meditation, yoga and movement.


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