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6th - 8th March 2020 | The ties that bind us Workshop at Temenos

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

This workshop, held in the beautiful private gardens of Temenos, is a unique opportunity to help you heal and to manifest your true self and purpose. The ties that bind us is a workshop about releasing ourselves from unhealthy possessive attachments – attachments that leave us feeling as though we would completely fall apart if that person, place or circumstance/outcome etc. were to change or leave. This workshop aims at teaching you to let go of dependence and release yourself from fear – fear of loss, fear of being let down and fear of the unknown. We will explore together the nature of attachment and what it will be like if we are truly free, while still being able to live in a close-knit community. We will look at what our karmic contract has to do with this and see how it is possible to change.

The programme will incorporate the public silent meditation sessions at 9:00 and 18:00 at Temenos and focus on the following:

● Early morning walk in the garden to experience the forest community

● Meditations and journeying exercises around water

● Healing from the beings of trauma

● The role of karma and our attachment to suffering

● Releasing the ties that bind us

● Evening meditation in the well

● Care of our crystal body

● Releasing old karmic wounds

● The art of journeying and how it is done safely

● Our axis mundi

● Journey to create a new contract

● Visiting the garden of lost souls

● Visiting the place of gifts

● Visiting our place amongst the stars

● Grounding and centering

● Coming home

What to bring:

● A 5l billy can or ice bucket – or similar-size container – to stir your Ubulawu ( I will supply the Ubulawu, but you are welcome to bring if you have access to it. It can be bought from Dumas in Claremont or BellStar in Bellville.)

● A forked stick of Olive to stir your ubulawu. (I have some if you can’t find)

● Pen and paper to take notes

● Protein rich food to snack on e.g. nuts to feed the brain

● A sarong

● An arm-length stick (to dance with)

● Good walking shoes

The retreat fee is R 3220.00. including single accommodation, lunch and dinner daily, coffee/tea with snacks and handouts. Checking in-time will be from 15:00 on Friday and we will gather at 18:00 for meditation in The Well to start off the retreat. The retreat will end at 13:30 on Sunday. Although the fee includes free accommodation for Sunday evening for those who can stay over, supper on Sunday evening will be at your own cost. The restaurant, Tebaldi’s at Temenos, is closed on Sunday evenings – but you can order a take-away at the restaurant before 2pm, or choose to self-cater. The cottages at Temenos are fully equipped for self-catering. An immediate deposit of R 1 000.00 secures your booking. The outstanding balance must be paid by 20th February 2020. Payment options can be discussed.

Please book soon as space is limited. Contact me on 023 625 1018 or 076 970 4204 to book.

About your facilitator

Robert Gentle Rain

My name is Robert Gentle Rain (Mvula in Xhosa). I trained for seven years under the expert guidance of Zanemvula (Peter von Maltitz) a renowned traditional healer, who lives in Cape Town and has a busy practice based in Muizenberg. I am a Traditional Healer (Igqirha, also called Sangoma) specialising in a variety of holistic treatments. With a strong focus on life skills and the client's ability to deal with life on life's terms, my practice consists of an eclectic mix of African herbal remedies, intuitive energetic healing techniques and process work. I am passionate about our local medicinal plants and always on the lookout for new bioregional gems. I believe that healing is all about a focus on nurturing rather than battling against the body. I prefer not to focus on the outcome but rather honour where the client is at. I have learned many traditional ceremonies and healing techniques and use this accumulated wisdom passed down to me from wonderfully wise and patient mentors. It is my deepest wish to share the awe of the world with humility and gentleness.



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