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Temenos Retreat, McGregor

In the heart of a small village,

Lies a garden that is more than a garden…

Many of you on our Facebook Page know the gardens of Temenos, the Retreat in the heart of the village of McGregor where one can escape the noise of modern-day life and bask in pure tranquillity. We have recently updated our website and invite you to a look at what we have on offer.

Explore our wide range of healing therapies and workshops, as well as many SPECIALS we regularly offer.

Did you know that Temenos has also become a haven to an incredible variety of 80+ bird species? Cape White-eye and Common Waxbill flit about in the trees, and the Bokmakierie is often heard in the mornings. On still nights in the garden you may hear the lovely ‘hoo-hoo’ call of the Spotted Eagle Owl or the haunting, trilling call of the Diederik Cuckoo.

People come and stay at Temenos for all sorts of reasons - to sit quietly and contemplate or meditate sometimes just to reflect, sometimes to heal and sometimes just to rest. Most of our guests return time and time again to unwind in the stillness and simply be.

We have also become a very popular wedding venue for the couple looking for a setting that truly celebrates heart and spirit.

If you haven’t been to Temenos for a while come and visit and see how a tiny dream became a beautiful garden.

For bookings and more information on upcoming workshops visit our website

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