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20-23 January 2023 | #theselfcompassionbreak

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Join us in the abundant gardens of Temenos Retreat, McGregor in the Western Cape – a sanctuary where there is an array of bird life, plant life and so many hidden gems, including meditation rooms, a labyrinth and a Library filled with many books.

The Possibilities:

Gently step into the New Year with courage, curiosity, creativity and compassion. Fully immerse yourself in stillness, meditation, movement and guided art processes that allow for deep enquiry. Become clear on what is truly important to you and how you would like to BE in this world. Learn embodied & self-compassion practices to calm the nervous system and be guided by Karen. Share with like-minded individuals and learn new ways of observing yourself and the world around you. Our way of being informs the way we see the world and other beings. It influences our relationships with our friends, family, teams, nature and food AND the way we treat ourselves influences our way of being too.

Self-Compassion – makes it possible for us to be present with all of our experiences, including those that are difficult. Fierce, fearless compassion – with courage, curiosity and trust in basic goodness helps us to see possibilities we might not have otherwise imagined or ever thought possible and invites us to take action.

R6500 for single cottage
R6300 for sharing (with friend or relative)

3 nights accommodation at Temenos Retreat in McGregor. All fresh, healthy vegetarian meals, art materials, guided meditations, mindful movement and Creative Guiding/Coaching PLUS one follow up Coaching session with Karen after the retreat.

Sunday evening’s dinner Monday morning’s breakfast are not included. The cottages are set up for self-catering.

Beverages from the restaurant are not included. (Special coffees, teas, bottled waters & sodas.)


We start at 16:00 on Friday the 20th.

Wellness treatments are available at an extra cost. Please make bookings in advance here:

Creative Guiding centres on the creative process and journey of making art rather than the finished product. Karen gently nudges and guides art-making in a supportive environment. She draws on inspiration from nature and its elements, stories, poetry and other stimuli.

The Emphasis is on the experience of creating, developing and reflecting. There is a deepening of self awareness in which one’s thinking does not override the process of spontaneity and creativity. It’s about an inward exploration, being in the present moment, letting go of expectations and being curious about whatever emerges. No art experience is required.

Karen Nebe partners witrh clients to re-connect with their innate wisdom and cultivate a more resilient and resourceful way of being so that they may navigate consistent change and respond to challenges with more ease. She comes together with her clients as conversation partners, creativity partners, co-observers and co-learners. Within a group she helps expand team effectiveness and resourcefulness, which will in turn support the objectives of any business. In addition to individual and group coaching Karen designs bespoke workshops and retreats for private clients and leadership teams and has a special interest in health & wellness, loss and self-compassion. Karen embodies care, love and deep respect for personal dignity and brings a presence to her coaching that is both compassionate and encouraging. This in conjunction with her sensitivity to all in a group creates an environment for all to explore and discover. Through conversations, mindful body practices and guided art process Karen encourages her clients to lead with curiosity, courage, compassion and creativity.

Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognise ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and reconnecting to ourselves and others.

Karen facilitates processes that expand through three key approaches: Ontological Coaching, Leadership Embodiment & Creative Guiding.

Lana Kenney is a yoga teacher and energy healer who is passionate about guiding clients towards authenticity and greater well-being on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Lana completed her yoga training in Rishikesh, India at the foot of the Himalayas. She teaches Sattva Integrated Yoga which is a beautiful fusion of Hatha, Vinyasa and Himalayan Kundalini. It is accessible to all levels and those new to yoga. Her classes provide an opportunity to access greater stillness, presence and connection.

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