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Temenos offers you a great opportunity to come and gently nurture yourself.


Slow down and breathe in deeply the fresh, clean air of McGregor. During your stay, we can arrange gentle early morning walks, a yoga class, or a massage.


We have a wide range of body and healing therapies for you to indulge in which you can book on arrival or prior to your visit.


Within the gardens is an extensive library of Health and Healing books for you to choose from and to enjoy either reading in front of a log fire in your cottage or in summer, relaxing at our lap pool.

Beauty & Massage

Beauty & Massage

Holistic Massage Therapist, Traditional Thai Massage, a resident therapist at Temenos.

Holistic massage is an ancient healing method that stimulates the blood circulation and clears the lymphatic drainage system which assists in releasing toxins from the body. Illness and stress affects not only our physical but also emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. Drawing inspiration from Swedish massage, Sports Massage, Lymph Drainage, Shiatsu and Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage encourages the body’s natural healing abilities to achieve balance of the body as a WHOLE. 

Traditional Thai massage, also known as Thai yoga massage is very dynamic and excellent  for those looking for a unique massage experience. It combines assisted yoga with acupressure techniques. The goal is to stimulate the acupressure points which will allow for a healthier flow of energy. 


Foot Reflexology:

Reflexology uses a targeted pressure-point massage to rebalance the energy flow of blood, nutrients and nerve impulses. Pain relief, nerve stimulation, migraine relief and elimination of toxins are some of the extensive benefits of reflexology. During a session, I focus on your specific wellness and mental-health needs to uplift your spirits ad leave you feeling soothed and tranquil.

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Atholl Hay

Holistic Massage

Atholl is an experienced counsellor and therapist who has been practicing massage therapy since 2012.

Treatments are tailored to your requirements and are on site at Temenos in therapy room Merton.

Temenos guests can charge treatments to their account.


Maryke van Vlaanderen Basson

Energy / Body Detox  & Anti-Aging Facial

Maryke invites you to spoil yourself with a 2-in-1 Special!

R750 for 90 minutes that includes: an anti-aging facial (using Restion - South African all-natural, vegan, no alcohol or perfume products, suitable for all skin types) and a relaxing, rejuvenating energy/body detox, de-stress and rebalance (using Reiki, Bio Energy, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Bio-kinesiology, among others). I also offer each individually R550 for 60 mins Facial OR Energy work

Maryke’s treatments are offered off-site



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Assistance for Chronic illness, Pain and/or Disability by Arjan Bogaers

This consultation offers an opportunity for you to share your losses, your continuing challenges, and care needs associated with living with a chronic health condition, pain and/or disability. We will then explore future options that would provide long-term support.

Arjan Bogaers


Robin Yule

Life skills and mindfullness coach

I focus on unravelling the circumstances that have led to unhealthy, unconstructive behaviours and offer practical skills to use in your everyday life to gently regain your sense of self and get you back on your feet again.

Spiritual Companionship

As a 'spiritual companion' I undertake to come alongside and 'keep you company' for a while on your own spiritual path.

The qualities of a spiritual companionship that I value are a sense of shared pilgrimage, of spiritual frendship and of working with you in kind of soul 'midwifery'.

Energy Work

Energy Work

Lana Kenney 1.jpg

Lana Kenney

Reiki & Energy Healing with Lana

Lana offers reiki and energy healing sessions which bring balance to the mind, body, heart and soul.

With her calm energy, she creates a peaceful space where you can find deep rest. Here you can connect to your inner quiet and source of wellbeing. Her clients feel a renewed sense of calm, clarity and greater ease in their lives.


Nina Hasse


Walk with me through the 7 major energy centers of the body each uniquely linked to the endocrine system, where we pick up any energetic blockages using a dowsing rod, and awaken the somatic healing system using curated essential oils. Followed by a deeply relaxing hands-on, full-body Reiki session. Gently placing my hands over the front and back of the body allows life's force energy to flow through me as a channel, and restore energetic flow throughout the body.



Energy Alignment

Rene’ is an experienced, passionate energy worker, dedicated to fostering holistic healing in both animals and people. Guiding individuals towards balance through the use of various modalities including traditional Usui Reiki, chakra cleanse / energize, bio field / frequency healing; using tuning forks, chanting, acupressure, and crystal grids. I channel positive energy to allow wholeness and well-being. Transformative experiences await on the journey within. 

Sessions last between 45 minutes to 75 minutes. R500






Yoga classes at Temenos that incorporate the new and exceptional alignment method called the Bowspring: A way of consciously working with the natural curves of the body that improves balance, enhances strength, flexibility and a sense of lightness.


Suitable for all ages, Beginners welcome.   


Regular classes held in Caritas.  Private classes by arrangement.

Africa’s first Bowspring teacher.

Edward Hart.jpg

Edward Hart

McGregor Walks with Edward Hart

Opportunities for walks in McGregor are plentiful!  If you would like to just soak up the atmosphere of the village, find out what it is like to live in McGregor from a local resident or escape for a quiet walk in nature, I would be delighted to guide you.  The walks can be conversational, or in silence. 

 I offer a variety of walks, easily adjustable to accommodate your level of fitness.  Walks typically last 45 minutes to an hour, but it depends on the route, and how adventurous you feel. 




Kath Higgens

Poetry to meet you on your path

So many people have been saved by a poem, transformed by a poem, or simply touched by a poem. So many of us have felt less alone, when we have read a poem that captures just how we feel.


This is your opportunity to explore one-to-one the power of the poetic word, which is totally life-affirming. It may reveal diagnosis, remedy or guidance. You may be looking for insight regarding a question or issue, or simply like to engage with the medium of poetry to enhance your inner world.

Tarot card reading

Reading & Divination



Crystal Soul Readings & Stone Tarot Divination

These modalities assist one in challenging times to tap into their innate wisdom and open windows of opportunity to new horizons.

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Liny Kruger

Tarot with Liny

A Tarot reading can offer the most delicious insights, it can loosen the spirits, broaden perspective, shine a light into the wondrous matrix of Self. It can call us back to focus on what is necessary, it can grace us with hope and warn against dangers – all which are not necessarily literal. R 400 per reading.

Traditional Healing

Traditional Healing



Gentle Rain - traditional healing

My practice consists of an eclectic mix of herbal remedies, plant spirit medicine and intuitive energetic healing techniques. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, trained Herbalist and have received instruction from The Emissaries of Divine Light in the discipline of Attunement.

Trauma Release Exercise (TRE)

Trauma Release Exercise (TRE)



TRE® is a powerful and yet very simple way to access the body's ability to shake off tension and stress.

It is a physical practice, in which we trigger the natural neurogenic tremoring process through simple stretches and muscle stress exercises, then by lying on a mat and allowing the body to release, in a sustained, yet controlled and gentle way.
Many clients describe it as feeling like a massage from the inside out.


A cancellation fee of up to 100% (of the cost of the treatment) may be charged on bookings cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment time.

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