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19 - 22 Feb 2024 | Circle of Life Retreat with Celeste Du Toit

Deepen your Transformation Express your Full Potential

Start living MORE from your inner light and innate wisdom.

Do you ever wonder:

  • How can I live more in alignment with my purpose?

  • Which of my beliefs are still holding me back?

  • How and why am I still mistreating my body?

  • What legacy will I leave the world?

  • What keeps showing up in my life that I simply cannot release?

  • Where can I be more engaged with life?

  • How can I create more empowered relationships?

Away from the maddening daily demands on our resources, the myriad of opposing beliefs and ideas, and the rush of the constructed ego-world, we enter stillness and reflection, to feel our essence, and to hear the Call of our Soul.

Leading up the Full Moon, we use the magnifying glass on our lives and to:

  • Decide what we value and what truly matters to us;

  • Celebrate how far we’ve come;

  • Stop procrastination and self-sabotage with unconscious addictions;

  • Become honest about where we are not meeting our full potential;

  • Call out what needs to be released – patterns, people, places;

  • See how and where we are still playing small.

We can use this mirror to reflect, generate fresh inspiration, become brutally honest with ourselves, or just allow some self-care, self-honouring, and healing.

Through guidance, activities, honest self-inquiry, stillness, and the exquisite healing power of Temenos and surrounding nature, we re-ignite our Spirits and retrieve any lost parts of our souls. We let go of our self-imposed judgements and reclaim the power that we have given away. We step into full sovereignty and mastery of our life journey, our soul’s evolution, our purpose, and our joy.

The philosopher Socrates famously declared that the unexamined life was not worth living, and the maxim “Know Thyself” urges us to consider, question, and delve ever deeper. The true power and possibility to turn our potential into full reality, lies in who we become as we venture deeper into questions such as these.

And this quest may lead us to discard ever more of the layers of conditioned beliefs and unconscious patterns, and to actively create a higher charge in our energy.

Retreat Structure and Format

For parts of this retreat we will observe mindful silence. This will be supplemented by facilitated teachings and discussions, activities to heighten awareness and help you focus on what you want to bring into being, a powerful ‘Letting Go’ ceremony, opportunity for honest reflection, meditation, breathwork, nature walks, and movement/stretching/dance. Heart connections are formed during our meals, shared reflections and informal chats.

  • We start with where we are – raw, real, and ready… who/where am I?

  • We INHALE to the often-neglected parts to expand, receive, and create…what is (still) in the way?

  • We PAUSE with the silence into deep listening…what else is there?

  • We add movement, spark, focus and direction through our inner chi (energy)…can I create more…or is this enough? Where can I change?

  • We EXHALE with sound and expression into form…ahh…can I accept, can I love?

  • We play boldly, we alchemise and release, we ground and anchor…where/how can I add joy?

  • Back into the VOID, the place of wholeness…can I BE?

  • We follow holistic balancing principles by OPENING and FEELING the awakening (through our hearts – the Feminine), by FOCUSING our alignment (through our minds – the Masculine), and EMBODING our purpose (though our bodies – the integrated Child).

Circle of Life Feb 24 HL
Download PDF • 253KB

Integration / Extra Day

Sometimes life calls us straight back after a retreat, and the Initiation happens in “the real world”. That may be what is required in your life. However, there is an opportunity to stay an extra night (Thursday 22 February), FREE of charge (meals at your own expense). Use this to reflect after our retreat, spend extra time in the gardens, book a divine massage or healing, or join me for a visit to the waterfalls in the gorge on the Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail (TBC depending on interest). This can be seen as a mini-pilgrimage, celebration, nature exploration, or a personal bridge.

Although highly recommended, this is in addition. We heed what works and is practical for us as individuals. There will still be plenty of time and opportunities during the retreat to embody and integrate the work we will be doing.

Welcome to discuss possibilities and logistics with me.

Take-aways, focus areas and touchpoints:

· Holistic balance – mind, body and spirit

· Releasing, healing, and letting go

· Triggers, projections, obstacles and opportunities for healing

· Expressing YOU – your passion and purpose

· Shadow work – essential for your spiritual journey

· Ancestral patterns – what is carried forward

· Self-esteem, self-worth and self-acceptance

· Embodiment, and honouring the body as communication tool

· Emotions as the gateway to evolution

· Meditation, breath work and stillness

· How to live a more spiritually charged life

· Bonding and friendships that may last a lifetime

Held at TEMENOS Retreat Centre, McGregor WC 19-22 February 2024

R6,750 includes accommodation in your own private, fully equipped cottage, breakfast & dinner daily, all retreat activities. 50% deposit secures.

Discounted rates apply in the following cases:

  • Early birds secured with deposit before end of November 2023 - R500 off.

  • Friends, partners or family members choosing to share accommodation.

*** Maximum discount R1,000

To secure, or for more info: Contact Celeste on 082 741 9578 or

About your Facilitator

Celeste Du Toit is a Durban-based Transformational Coach, Holistic therapist and seasoned retreat leader. She is known for her deep work on thought patterns and the manifestation thereof on our spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, and her self-awareness and empowerment workshops and retreats help people align with their true purpose and ZEST for life.

What do people who work with me have in common?

- They realize what is important in life and want to focus on that.

- They’ve had enough and want to make sustainable changes.

- They embody and express more consciousness and love.

- They think and live differently from most other people.

- They place a high value on their holistic well-being.

- They want to do better than they have done yesterday.

If you can relate, you’ll feel at home. I look forward to connecting with you!

Circle of Life Feb 24 HL
Download PDF • 253KB

Why the Circle of Life?

The Circle of Life is a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. In birth, there is dying, and in death, there is birthing. We are all facing our own unique challenges, yet the cycle applies to everyone and everything – our relationships, our vocation, our dreams, our challenges, our pleasure, our pain, and life itself.

When we learn to embrace this never-ending cycle with compassion and wisdom, and from an inner knowing of who we are, we can navigate it with ease, grace, and strength, allowing for our greatest joy and highest good to unfold.

Celeste has presented the popular and highly recommended Inner Wellness Retreats at Temenos since 2014. The time has come to allow for a deeper immersion, The Circle of Life Retreat a deep dive into the Self, New and old participants are welcomed and encouraged.

We can only accommodate a limited number, due to the nature of the retreat.

What previous participants say:

  • The most empowering and freeing journey ever!

  • I feel like a new person who can do anything! Moving, spiritual, life changing.

  • Walked away with something so powerful - the power of me!

  • This retreat was out of this world! I highly recommend this retreat.

  • I felt so safe… Temenos creeps into your heart and the food was delicious!

  • This has been an amazing week! ….and amazing healing treatments…

  • An unforgettable journey of self-discovery

  • Thank you Celeste. This experience has been wonderful. You in particular, have such an easily accessible nature and communication skills per excellence. I value the journey.

  • I arrived as a lost soul. I am leaving with renewed energy, direction for my life and utter joy

Retreat Times and Optional Activities to Deepen Your Experience:

  • Use of Temenos/area therapists at own cost (please check for best times for minimal impact on activities).

  • Yoga at marginal additional fee.

  • Swimming and hiking.

  • Kahuna Massage & Bodywork, and one on one with Celeste presented at a retreat-reduced rate.

  • Check-in at Temenos at 14h00. Retreat commences Monday 19th of February 2024 at 16h00, and we conclude Thursday lunchtime. Please make sure you’ve checked out and settled by 11am.

You have gone through so much. The time has come to stop playing small and allow your full light to shine!

Circle of Life Feb 24 HL
Download PDF • 253KB



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