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22 - 24 August 2021 | Step into Spring, A yoga and mindfulness retreat - with Charney Engelbrecht

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

“Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul, and then you answer ~ Terri Guillemets”

As the seasons roll from one to the next we have an opportunity to pause and to reflect. To take stock of where we have been and to plant the seeds for where we would like to go from here.

Join us on retreat, gift yourself the time to step out of life’s busyness, to rest, recharge and refocus your intentions and energies.

Included in this retreat:

  • Morning Yoga Practice - suitable for all levels

  • Evening practice - Wind down and reflect - evening practices incorporating mindfulness and journaling as well as a winding down evening yoga and breathing practice.

  • Intentional Creativity sessions - exploring a cathartic creative process. Intentional Creativity is a practice that requires no previous art experience. Just an open heart and mind, and stepping into that which needs to be revealed and released through the creative process investment to self.

  • Breakfast and dinner


R4000 (Single room)

R3300 (sharing for friends)

This price includes accommodation, dinner, and breakfast & art supplies.

**Sunday night is a free nights accommodation for those who would like to linger (meals for your own account/self-catering is also an option)

Awaken your creative heart
Download PDF • 136KB

Charney Engelbrecht:

Charney has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2005, during this time the practice has gifted her much insight and healing. Combining WELL BEING practices such as yoga, mindfulness, breathing, and art in a creative way to allow the PRACTITIONER to connect with themselves on a deeper level defines her PHILOSOPHY of teaching and holding space for people. She is also an Intentional Creativity Trainee and has experienced first hand the transformation and healing that transpires through the creative process.

For more information or to book your space please contact Charney 0660400804

** This retreat has limited availability as we would like everyone to have their own space**

Awaken your creative heart
Download PDF • 136KB


At Temenos we're always happy to host Retreats and Workshops, for more details contact Margaret



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