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8 - 9 June | Mythos and Logos, a story and art weekend with Briar and Michael Grimley

Tapestry of Orpheus and Eurydice 5th–6th Century AD

Meet Apollo and Dionysus, and experience

The Greek mysteries through the story of

Orpheus and Eurydice

How they toss about in the immense universe as they whirl and seek each other, these myriad souls which burst forth from the great soul of the World! They fall from planet to planet, and in the abyss mourn the forgotten homeland. . . . They are your tears, Dionysus . . . O Great Spirit, O Divine Liberator; take your daughters back into your heart of light. Orphic Fragment

"You have drunk from the streams of holy light," said Orpheus, "you have entered with a pure heart into the heart of the Mysteries. The solemn hour has come when I shall cause you to penetrate to the sources of life and light. Listen, therefore, to the truths which are the strength of the sanctuaries…”

"Do you know what the Lyre of Orpheus is? It is the sound of inspired temples. They have the gods as strings. At their music Greece will become attuned like a lyre, and the marble itself will sing in brilliant cadences and celestial harmonies.”

Join Briar and Michael in the beautiful temple-like Well in Temenos Retreat by 19.30 to bathe in times past and find the resonance through all ages… The next day you will be led through conversation and artistic activities to your own inner deeper insights. No previous artistic experience needed. Along your journey you will make new friends as you share soul food together. And then in your spare time you can enjoy exploring the abundant Temenos gardens where treasures abound in every corner; and walk the quaint streets of rustic McGregor visiting the delightful shops, restaurants and meeting local people.


R980. Includes facilitators fee, teas, and Saturday lunch at the famous Tebaldi’s Restaurant

Enquiries and Bookings:


Michael and Briar have both taught in mainstream and Waldorf schools for many years. Inspired by the role of the arts in the nourishment of soul and spirit, they now run courses for adults in painting and geometry, and tell stories that inspire the artist within you.


At Temenos we're always happy to host Retreats and Workshops, for more details contact Margaret

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