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21st – 25th MAY 2018 | BE-LONGING a contemplative retreat at Temenos, led by  Vivien Stacey

Retreat from your everyday life to share silence and gentle reflections on the theme of 'belonging'. In contemplation we can waken our intimate sense of BE-LONGING that heals our sense of being cut off from ourselves, others and creation.

Each morning will include silent and guided meditation on the theme. We will have time for deepening our practices of listening and being present with each other. Each evening there will be a simple rite of the Heart to take us into the silence of the night.

To find out more about the retreat email or text 0817357256

Vivien Stacey will guide and hold the retreat process .She sees herself as belonging to the Temenos community where she regularly offers spiritual companionship to others. To find out more about her work see the Temenos website and

Cost for the Retreat for the week. R 2410.00 which covers Accommodation, Breakfast and dinner. Contact Temenos 023 625 1871 or email to reserve your cottage


At Temenos we're always happy to host Retreats and Workshops, for more details contact Margaret

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