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14 - 16 Sept 2018 | RE-TREAT - RE-VITALISE - RE-START

A Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Retreat to rejuvenate body and soul with Johann van Greunen, Pastoral Therapist and Reiki Master and Caron Waddy, Yoga Teacher

The season of spring holds the promise of new life, new ideas, the opportunity to start afresh with revitalised energy and letting go of old and stagnant habits that often leave us feeling stuck. It is the ideal time to take a retreat to nurture ourselves and focus on re-energising and rejuvenating of our bodies and souls.

Through the practices of mindfulness meditation and yoga we intend to create the space to re-connect with your body, come to stillness and re-energise yourself.

On this retreat we will focus on the following:


  • Mindfulness Meditation to connect with the breath and quiet the mind.

  • Gentle yoga practices to connect with and finding stillness within the body.

  • Engaging the practices of mindful walking and awakening the senses through solitary walks in the beautiful gardens of Temenos.

  • Working with the elements to be grounded and centred in the present moment.

  • Creating a sacred space to review, reflect on and re-connect with your life purpose.


  • Exploring Mindfulness Practices to awaken the senses.

  • Yoga Practices and Mindfulness Movement to release blocked energy and facilitate flexibility in the body and mind.

  • Releasing old habits that keep us stuck in order to release new energy.

  • Creative exercises to further enhance the sense of vitality and joy.


  • Developing skills and practices to start or continue implementing in our daily lives beyond the retreat.

  • ools to restart afresh once the retreat ended and we return to our normal daily programmes.

  • The programme will include a creative session on Self-Affirmations culminating in a Commitment to Self to prevent returning to old habits that deplete us from energy and vitality.

You are invited to join as at Temenos Retreat Centre on the 14th September 2018 for this retreat, inclusive of all meals, retreat activities and materials used. Checking in-time will be from 14:00 on Friday 14th September and we will gather 16:00 for the start of the retreat. The programme will accommodate set guided meditation times at 9:00 and 18:00 at Temenos daily. The retreat will end after lunch on Sunday 16th September, although the fee includes free accommodation for Sunday evening for those that can stay over. Supper on Sunday evening will be at your own cost.

The retreat fee is R4 500.00 single accommodation and R3 725.00 sharing, which includes three meals daily and all creative materials used. An immediate deposit of R1 000.00 secures your booking. 50% of the balance is payable on 31 May and the outstanding balance by 31 August. Please book soon as space is limited.

For bookings, please contact Johann at or 021-914 1294 or 083 764 5978.

About your facilitators:

Johann Van Greunen

Johann has realised the value of Meditation and Mindfulness Practices early in his life, and has come to know Mindfulness Meditation as an invaluable aid in assisting us to develop integrated and coherent life stories.

With an interest in Integral and Complementary Medicine from early on, Johann qualified as Reiki Master to offer a hands-on healing practice that complements his counselling practice. Being a Master in Reiki, he teaches courses on Levels 1, 2 and Master Level.

Johann had been training in both ballroom and contemporary dance for years, and developed a strong interest in the healing power of creative processes, especially in art, movement and music. He uses these processes working with groups and during his workshops and retreats teaching Mindfulness Practices. He encourages his clients coming for counselling to use creative processes in order to develop new narratives for their life stories.

Johann holds an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Pretoria and a M.Th. (Clinical Pastoral Care) from the University of Stellenbosch. He is primarily involved with mentoring programmes for the City of Cape Town and Desmond Tutu TB Centre linked to the University of Stellenbosch, which involves psycho-social support for health clinic staff, clinic managers and field workers. His work with these teams includes team-building, trauma debriefing and teaching mindfulness practices. In his private practice, apart from counselling, Reiki healing and training, he teaches meditation courses and various workshops focused on mindfulness practices.

Johann is passionate about life, the arts, music, dance, nature, good food, coffee, wine and soulful friendships. He is the servant of a big fluffy ginger cat.

Caron Waddy

Listening to the body is at the core of Caron’s yoga teachings, and decades of teaching movement in the form of dance and yoga has provided her with the opportunity to witness the many benefits people experience when the connection of body and mind are made.

‘All of us can improve the quality of our lives if we practice the art of self-care, and it usually begins with our physical body. If you can breathe then you are moving and on retreat this is where you will start. Breath work, moving meditation, gentle restorative yoga and guided relaxations will assist you in getting re-acquainted with the magnificence of the vessel that houses your spirit.’

Caron is the owner of Yogaville Yoga School in Durbanville, the mother of 2 amazing teenage boys, 3 complicated cats and a puppy, lover of nature, babies, champagne, African culture and deep conversations.


At Temenos we're always happy to host Retreats and Workshops, for more details contact Margaret

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