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23 – 25 March 2018 | Inner Goddess Retreat

Allow the birth of a new Self. Reclaim the Goddess within!

A goddess knows, loves and accepts herself on all levels. She has an immense sense of self awareness, and experiences peace, love, joy, passion and fun. She knows her power and that she can be anything she wants to be. She is wise, fearless, strong and beautiful.

“Within every woman there lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. She is the Wild Woman, who represents the instinctual nature of women. But she is an endangered species.” ~Women Who Run With the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estés Ph.D

During this retreat I guide you to:

  • Awaken your natural, wild instinctive nature

  • Discover and relate to your goddess archetype

  • Discover a renewed self-love and compassion for self and others

  • Become more creative and intuitive, the way we are designed to be

  • Invoke and deepen your spiritually, including meditation, clearing and breathing practices

  • Reflect upon your own life journey of strengths, vulnerabilities and life lessons

  • See and celebrate the mirrored beauty in yourself, others and the world

  • Tap into your power as a woman, balancing your yin and yang energies

  • Learn about the effect of the lunar & seasonal cycles on women’s emotions, energy levels and psychological wellbeing, as well as how to balance those cycles for greater harmony

  • Honour Gaia Mother Earth, Sun, Moon and the elements

  • Get insight in and welcome your natural female cycles, including the “taboos”

  • Dismantle the unhealthy sense of competition that undermines women's body image and libido

  • Enjoy and accept sisterhood support and union, and have fun!

Facilitated by Celeste Du Toit, Transformational NLP Coach, Holistic therapist and seasoned retreat leader

“I guide you to discover, unlock and nurture your passion and potential to create more joy, fulfilment and a sense of personal mastery. My passions are people, personal development, travel and nature. I believe in holistic wholeness and alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit. I look forward to working and connecting with you.”

Held at TEMENOS Retreat Centre, McGregor W Cape, 23 – 25 March 2018 R3,950 includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner daily, all retreat activities PLUS Sunday evening accommodation free. Discounts offered to Repeaters, Early birds (50% deposit before 15 Jan 2018), AND to attendees of the Inner Wellness Retreat 19-23 March 2018 at Temenos.

Please enquire:

Reservations: Contact Temenos at +27 23 625 1871 or For more info: Contact Celeste on 082 741 9578 or

What previous participants of the Inner Goddess retreat had to say:

  • “This is the best thing I could ever have done for myself!”

  • “Words cannot describe the profound change I feel in my soul.”

  • “…inspiring and healing”

  • “Every woman should bless herself with finding her inner Goddess.”

  • The weekend has been incredible! The journey that I am on is so exciting. Celeste, you have shown me how to be strong enough.

  • The experience has been, and will remain, invaluable!

  • Now I am truly awake, and respect, love, embrace and above all, forgive ME for not recognising her Inner Goddess.

Retreat Activities

Friday 23 March

Check in at 2pm. I encourage you to attempt to arrive early to unwind, relax and enjoy the beautiful, peaceful gardens and set your intention for the weekend. Convene at 4pm for introductions, invocation, some informal teaching and meditation, followed by dinner where we share, connect and have fun.

Saturday 24 March

After a morning walk (optional) and breakfast, a day of teaching, activities and sharing commences. We will break for lunch (at own expense) and some quiet time. Dinner will be a time of celebration, connection and sharing at a deeper level.

Sunday 25 March Breakfast, meditation, walking the labyrinth and conclusion of teachings by lunchtime. The afternoon can be spent quietly if you are making use of the free stay-over on Sunday evening. You may wish to have dinner in the village as Tebaldi’s will be closed.

Looking forward to connecting with you! Namaste


At Temenos we're always happy to host Retreats and Workshops, for more details contact Margaret

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