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7 - 9 April 2017 - Learning to tango - an exercise in empathy and mindfulness

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

This unique workshop designed by tango teacher Rachael Glaser focuses on the importance of a mindful connection with both your dance partner and the earth that supports and energises the dance. While learning the steps and techniques of the Argentine tango, students are also taught empathy - how ‘the other’ experiences the dance - by initially taking turns to be the leader and follower. This workshop is co facilitated with Lizelle Steyn and suitable for absolute beginners. No previous dance experience is needed.

Rachael’s passion is to share the complex and subtle beauty of the Argentine tango - the way that it awakens us to a sensual, nonverbal communication, a mindful connection with our dance partner; and its unique ability to braid together our mind, body and spirit while developing each of these. All lessons are offered in a group format and Rachael welcomes singles, as well as couples and friends wanting to do the workshop together. No fixed dance partner needed.

About the teacher:

Rachael Glaser has been dancing tango since 2001 and lived in the home of tango, Buenos Aires, over two years where she studied the dance intensively with some of the world's best teachers and spent her nights dancing with the locals. She teaches the tango as a form of meditation, creative fun and a connection between people.

Booking details for the weekend:

Cost: R3,500 per person for single occupancy at Temenos R2,900 per person sharing a cottage (max 2 people per cottage)

This includes:

  • 3 nights' accommodation (Friday, Saturday and Sunday night)

  • 4 Meals: Dinner on Friday night, brunch and dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday (please bring your own breakfast and a mid afternoon snack along - all cottages have kitchenettes)

  • Seven tango lessons over the course of the weekend

Please contact Madie - 023 625 1871 or to book.

Feedback from previous students:

‘I feel very privileged to have found Rachael as she has the amazing ability to understand the dynamics required to ensure students are left feeling great about themselves with a sense of achievement, challenge and enjoyment.’ -Diane

‘Rachael's ability to create a safe space to learn the fine style of Argentine tango will make it worthwhile for anyone who considers taking the step.’ - Sarel

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