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28 October - 30 October 2016 - Spring Cookery Retreat

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Feast on the Seasons: The food we eat and the way we prepare it is an integral part of the way we experience health and vitality. This exciting weekend retreat explores how we can improve our well-being by simply living in closer harmony with the seasons – through the food ingredients we select, the supplements we choose, and the spirit in which we conduct our lives at different times of the year. Spring is the season that sees us preparing the body for the warmer months ahead. It is time to clean out the old and start afresh with lighter and visually striking meals. The spring diet sees us introducing an assortment of green, young and sprouted foods to the kitchen to create meals that support the needs of the body as we move into Summer. Expect a celebration of enticing Asian and Mediterranean flavours with helpful tips on steaming, seasoning and sprouting the most health-giving seasonal produce at home. In addition to two cookery demonstrations serving up spectacular Spring meals, Daniel will be offering sensible advice on how to safely perform a Spring cleanse – without the need to invest in excessive supplementation. The home will be a focus in discussion as we look at ways in which we can effectively Spring-clean the home to mirror the sense of renewal that is on display in nature, and in doing so create a more wholesome physical environment. Chi Kung (Qigong) and Meditation also form part of the weekend to create a comprehensive guide to staying healthy with the season that incorporates body, mind, and soul. Daniel Jardim teaches popular cookery retreats and demonstrations around the country with a strong emphasis on staying healthy with the seasons. He created the recipes for ‘The Cake the Buddha Ate‘ and ‘Retreat – the Joy of Conscious Eating‘ (Jacana Media). Daniel combines Western nutrition with Eastern healing traditions to help individuals develop a better relationship with the food they eat by coming back to the joy of cooking. He writes a monthly food column for Natural Medicine magazine, and also offers private coaching sessions in nutrition.

Pricing from R3500pp (Prices include all ingredients and meals, accommodation – plus Sunday night free should you wish to stay on).

Contact Madie at Temenos: 023 625 1871 or

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