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18-20 June 2021 | SINGLE WIVES RETREAT

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

The Program includes:

  • Rebuilding of Past Demons - clearing old beliefs

  • Going within

  • Children in relationships

  • 3 Nourishing vegetarian meals per day

  • Opening up to dating again

  • Setting up of boundaries and discarding of old

  • Self-worth

  • Sexuality / Intimacy

  • Revealing the Goddes

  • Fire circle

  • Labyrinth meditation

TOTAL COST for the RETREAT is as follows:

R 5800.00 p/person, Single Accommodation, 3 Meals per day, retreat finishes after lunch on Sunday.

ALL BOOKINGS must be made via Temenos directly:

Space is limited and this retreat is expected to fill up fast.



Bringing light to darkness.

  • OSHO sannyasin

  • Sexologist ( abuse / trauma)

  • Love & relationship councilor

  • Tantra body worker

20 years plus Guru G has been following all the different aspects of the path of enlightenment local and international. He has taken all aspects of spirituality to form his own unique way of healing. A strong believer in vibrational energies and truth as well as finding the balance within the modern society we find ourselves in today.

Going within oneself first is a journey less travelled but high on Guru G path to enlightenment, bliss, samadhi.

He is a man who worships the Goddess and has so much respect for women. His teachings all come from a purity he carries within his Soul and all his intentions are of the light. His healing abilities are proven throughout the world when it comes to working with trauma and abuse in women and as well as in men. He is a Master of his kind and believes the only thing that will save this world is PURE LOVE.

One of his favorite teachings is: No matter what the question the answer is always love.


Seeker of the light - Removing the Dark from Humanity by projecting Love into the soul of those wanting the Light.

  • Usui Reiki Master / Teacher - Energy work

  • Life Activation Practitioner - DNA Activation of dormant DNA - ,recognized Internationally

  • Crystal Reiki Master Teacher/ Healer

  • Tarot / Angel card reader

  • Specializes in Law of Attraction

  • Holistic / Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Michele has been on her Spiritual journey for just over 12 years. Currently still studying at The Modern Mystery School International. She has combined many healing modalities in creating her own technique when it comes to healing. Michele believes that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and others as we have been given gifts which we should be carrying out into the world. She works with energy and is drawn to the vibrational frequency of people and animals. She is the owner of Amber Moon Well Being who also practices meditation for beginners and advanced, along with Guru G. Amber Moon is an esoteric shop that sells anything from Crystals, Tapestries, natural Herbal Medicine and so much more. There are practitioners offering their professional services to clients as well and bookings can be made via Facebook or the website. Michele offers various courses to assist in helping people to tap into their gifts/talents to create a better life for themselves by enhancing their psychic abilities. She strongly believes that the only way out is to go within and by that you need to know Thyself. So she's all about finding balance, walking with gratitude, love and joy in your heart.

Her favourite saying is - we are the creators of our own destiny - change starts with us. Vibrate LOVE - We are that powerful!


Cell: 0745804084 - Email:



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