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13 – 15 Dec 2019 |HOLDING GRACE Touch Drawing Workshop with Debbie Field

Updated: Jun 21, 2020


Touch Drawing Workshop

3 Day creative exploration workshop with Debbie Field

“In my fingertips, dwells the divinity of abundance. In the hollow of my palms, dwells the divinity of knowledge and wisdom. And the divinity of courage and noble deeds dwells in my wrists. “ Acharya Shunya

In the beautiful sanctuary of Temenos gardens, spend a few precious days uncovering your innate creativity. Using hands as a primary means of expression , you will create work that holds space for revelation and celebration.

As the year draws to a close, this meditative workshop offers a much needed time for reflection. Through working with your hands in this way , you will get the time and opportunity to review and make manifest, in creative form, questions and ideas that may be brewing in your heart, whispering for attention, acknowledgement and activation.

You will learn and experience a deeply introspective process – an ‘active meditation’ – which combines printing and unconscious drawing.

Evoked through music and the surrounding nature, and gentle guiding by Debbie, inner images are freed to spontaneously emerge, to surprise, delight and enlighten each participant. Over the days that we have, these images will be explored and developed, enriched and reviewed. Drawing out and drawing in.

We will begin the time together at 7.00pm, with a welcome dinner on Friday evening. Since there is a limited number of participants, we can get to meet and chat with each other. It also means there will be plenty of opportunity for guidance and personal attention, as needed. Saturday morning, breakfast will be at 9.00am. After that, time will be spent partly in the Temenos gardens, and then learning the technique. Until lunch we will work. After lunch, we will review the mornings’ drawings, and end at roughly 3.00pm. The afternoon will be open time. Participants can choose how they will like to spend this time until we meet again for dinner at 7.00pm. Sunday will start as before, after breakfast. It is on this day that we will have many choices as to how to go further with our drawings. The workshop ends at approximately 3.00pm with a review of all the work. Participants are invited to stay on for Sunday evening free of charge – (dinner plans for their own cost and choice), so that provides an opportunity for us to decide if we will eat together or go our separate ways! On Monday, one can book a treatment or enjoy the beautiful gardens and village.

Cost: R4554.00

Includes 2 nights accomodation at Temenos Retreat and one free night, supper on Friday and Saturday nights, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Tea, coffee and snacks.

Bookings: Contact Madie 023 625 1871

Facilitated by Debbie Field, artist and experienced creativity teacher of 20 years, this 3 day course requires NO ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE.

Come with an open heart and open hands – and leave with a skill you can use forever – and with renewed, deeply personal insights.


  • INEXPENSIVE oil paints – I suggest either Dala or Zellen 1 tube Burnt Sienna and 1 tube Black

  • a pen and a few pencils for writing

  • a few rags, maybe wet wipes

  • an apron

  • a few hearty cushions to sit on (also not glamorous ones!)

  • sun hat

  • in case of chilly weather, also please bring a good jacket to keep warm if we go outside for a spell. We will not always be outside

  • if you have coloured crayons or oil pastels you can also bring them along, but this is not essential.


At Temenos we're always happy to host Retreats and Workshops, for more details contact Margaret



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