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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Stop Living at Work, it is time to start Working on Life.

Join us for the weekend where you will Reflect, Review and acquire Resources for a more balanced view of your Retirement.

When our parents retired they simply left work. But in the 21st Century, Baby Boomers are left with no role models as we reach our sixties and find we still have plenty of energy, possible 30+ years stretching ahead of us, so many opportunities with the 4th Industrial Revolution, all muddled together with our fears that the money saved will not last.

Are you procrastinating about planning for retirement? Is that because you don’t know where to start? Or is it because you are afraid because it seems to be an empty chasm?

Even if you simply have not had the time to even think about Retirement, this workshop is for you. Though primarily geared towards those preparing for retirement, there is plenty of material for anyone already retired and wanting more from life.

Cosy up for a relaxing weekend in the lovely village of McGregor on the edge of the Karoo and let your plan for a magic Retirement unfold!

Do you wake up in the night to worry about looming retirement? Are you hoping it will just sort itself out? Isn’t Retirement meant to be for the elderly and frail?

In the 21st Century, most of us reaching the “so-called Retirement age” (somewhere in our 60’s) want more out of life than simply growing old. After all, many of us have 30+ years of life left in us.

Spend a weekend with like-minded people, fleecing out your options and planning for a “Retirement” that has Meaning and Purpose and leaves you still feeling Relevant in this world.

You will get to draw up your Holistic Retirement plan, and understand why it is much broader than a Financial plan. Besides the money, a well-thought-out structure for your life after full-time employment is essential, as growing evidence reveals that depression is an issue for retired Boomers and “grey” divorce is the one divorce statistic that is climbing steadily.

In this workshop we will not be focussing on the money – that is something you need to do with a Financial Planner. But, you will get to map out a retirement lifestyle that you look forward to living.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are currently too busy to even think about Retirement

  • You are putting off planning because you don’t know where to start

  • You are worried because your retired friends seem bored

  • You don’t think your money will last, so hope to continue working

  • You plan to continue working until you “drop”

  • You know someone who stopped work and soon after suffered a heart attack

  • Your spouse/partner has their own plan and you are not sure where you fit in

  • You simply feel it is time to start thinking about planning to make the most of your retirement life.

Gift yourself:

Give yourself the time to sit down with like-minded people and let the map for your dream retirement lifestyle unfold.

We will gather on Friday at 18h00 for an Introductory talk, followed by an evening meal at Tebaldi’s to get to know fellow participants. The rest of the weekend will be made up of a series of activities done individually or in pairs to look at your retirement from different angles, interspersed with group sessions for sharing ideas. We will allow a couple of hours for lunch on both days so that you can book time with the Temenos therapists, or simply explore the quaint village and take a walk in the Kranz Reserve. We expect to wind up by 15h00 on Sunday when you will have a clear idea of retirement and what you want to get out of Act 3 of your Life.

Your Investment:

R3,200 (single) and R5,200 (couple)

PLUS two days dedicated to planning your future.

In return you will attend a two-day workshop including accommodation, breakfasts and evening meals, a copy of my book “7 Questions to Answer before you turn 65” and a Workbook with all the Activities. At the end of the weekend, you will have a clear idea of where you are headed in retirement.

50% Deposit secures your place. Please contact Hilary at to book.

Cancellation after 13th July, we withhold the right to retain R1,000 of the deposit.

Cancellation after the 6th August, we withhold the right to retain the full deposit.

About the facilitator:

Hilary Henderson

On my 60th birthday, I walked out of a job that had become unbearably toxic. I had no plan and did not even consider myself retired until I studied Life coaching and realised it was time to change my perspective and start choosing the life I wanted in retirement. As my retirement dream now unfolds in the village of McGregor, I am finding a balance between my retirement coaching practice and busy retirement life, but it has taken me 7 years to get to this spot. Hindsight is 20:20 vision, but I realise it would have been so much easier if I had started with a plan. I bring to the table 10 years’ experience as an Occupational Therapist and on completing my MBA, approximately 20 years as an entrepreneur in hospitality and farming with much in between. And, of course, I bring my own bumpy experience of the transition to retirement and lessons learned along the way.

See more about my coaching on


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