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10 – 13 June 2024 | TEMENOS SILENT RETREAT with Billy Kennedy

Updated: May 13

For over Twenty years Temenos has welcomed guests seeking a place apart, a retreat away from the hurly burly of everyday life -  to rest, to restore oneself, and to renew a sense of wellbeing. The beautiful and tranquil gardens were especially created to support this nurturing of both mind and body by offering peaceful spaces designed for contemplation and quiet reflection, as well as a venue for a wide variety of wellness and mindfulness workshops and retreats.

For those guests who wish to embrace an even deeper level of soul work, a certain measure of solitude and stillness is essential. In this regards silence and Silent Retreats can prove very helpful especially if one wishes to listen to the deeper promptings of soul. In the great tradition of silent retreats, the art of conscious contemplation encourages one’ to await one’s own discovery’. Thomas Merton, the renowned contemplative monk once described this embracing of a contemplative experience as ‘giving something of one’s silly self away.’

In order to reflect inwardly in a calm and constructive way, it is important not only to quieten both outer and inner noise, but also to remove distraction and verbal communication. This process is not for everyone but for those who encounter and experience it, a Silent Retreat can be both life changing and life enhancing.

Join us for a week of restful silence, meditation, prayer and Yoga.

Retreat Facilitator: Billy Kennedy

Silent retreat  cost  R3990.00  

  • 4 nights accommodation with dinner & breakfast

  • 3 yoga sessions

  • early morning walk



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