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05 - 08 Nov 2021 | Retreat into the Heart of the Labyrinth: Exploring your Inner Path

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Presented by Zarine Roodt

“There is only one way and that is your way.

You seek the path? I warn you away from my own. It can also be the wrong way for you.

May each go his own way.”

- Carl Gustav Jung -

If you are seeking your own individual and unique path in life or feeling an urgent calling to explore a different path, this retreat is intended to support you to find the impetus you need to set you on your way. The purpose of the retreat is to provide a sacred container within which you can traverse your inner world, which ultimately holds the answers and direction you’re looking for.

The retreat will be facilitated by Zarine Roodt –

writer, retreat leader, and certified labyrinth facilitator.

What to expect

During the retreat you will be equipped with a ‘way-finding kit’ which comprises of:

  • Becoming acquainted with the labyrinth at Temenos and coming to understand the labyrinth as a symbol for the sacred center within – our own inner world;

  • Experiencing the benefit of labyrinth walking as a form of moving meditation, a practice that creates the most ideal mindset for exploring our inner world;

  • Working with the tradition of life writing as a means to foster and amplify the inward journey;

  • Understanding the value of your own night-time dreams as guiding messengers from your inner world;

  • Moving to the gentle rhythm of the Eight Pieces of Brocade form (BaDuanJin QiGong), a simple, daily physical practice for nourishing body, mind and spirit.

Throughout your time on retreat, you will have ample opportunity to seek out and experience the various sacred spaces at Temenos, some of which – like the labyrinth – are powerful symbols of the Feminine.

The key principles of the retreat include ° the containment offered by your retreat leader and by Temenos itself, ° synchronicities which might present themselves in the run-up to and during the retreat (like the new moon – which signifies new beginnings – during the time of our retreat), and ° the alchemical dynamic brought into the retreat by those individuals who felt themselves called to attend.

There will be substantial content as well as some structure to our programme. However, you will be encouraged to shift from Chronos to Kairos time and to honour the way of the Feminine, which inevitably allows for ample opportunity to retreat into yourself or to the spiritual expanse of our surroundings. All of this will take place in a gentle, grounded and non-invasive manner, allowing time for self- and group reflection in the tranquil haven that is Temenos.

Retreat details

We start at 17:30 on Friday 4 November (you can check in from 14:00 onwards) and end just before lunch on Sunday 7 November. There is the option of an additional, free night on Sunday 7 November which means that you can check out on Monday at 11:00. Should you wish to get to know the town of McGregor, you’re welcome to make your own arrangements and check in a day or two ahead of the retreat. Please arrange this directly with Temenos.

Cost of the retreat is R3900 (single) which includes one Zoom follow-up session of reflection with Zarine after the retreat. (Options for sharing with another retreatant or a partner are also available.) The retreat cost includes accommodation, breakfast, tea and dinner daily and all retreat activities, including the facilities and meditation practices at Temenos. Beverages from the restaurant are for your own account.

To make a reservation please mail For more information mail me, or call / WhatsApp me on 083 251 5847. I welcome any communication, questions or clarification that interested participants may have about the retreat, and encourage you to connect with me directly if any questions come up for you. If you would like to discuss payment options you can also contact me directly. Once you’ve indicated interest to participate, further details regarding the retreat programme and payment details such as deposit, etc. will be e-mailed. Also, Covid-related protocols at the time of the retreat will be relayed and implemented.

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Why join a retreat with Zarine

Zarine is a firm believer in the treasures held within the idea of “the second half of life” – an archetypically significant life transition which is almost always coupled with a re-awakened yearning for more meaning, purpose and authenticity in one’s life. Having experienced such a turnabout first-hand, Zarine eventually began reaching out to like-minded individuals and later conceptualised and facilitated a series of retreats at Temenos (McGregor), The Edge (Hogsback), and the Ohm yoga studio (Clarens). These retreats are aimed mainly at women – of all ages – who feel the stirrings of this inward call, or those who struggle to find their own path in this new and strange, yet fascinating inner world.

Despite holding Masters’ degrees in Communication and Psychology (her dissertation for the latter was titled “Writing as therapy”), and having taught for decades in both the academic and corporate milieus, she now teaches from her own lived experiences. Her facilitation style draws on the wisdom of the Sage archetype which she embodies, as well as the Crone energy presenting itself in her current phase of life.

She is a memoir writer and writes and teaches from a Jungian perspective. Her own path was directed by her being deeply moved and inspired by Carl Gustav Jung’s visionary work in Depth Psychology. She belongs to a Jungian study group, while also being part of a women’s Dream Circle which meets regularly to share and work with their dreams. (Jung saw dreams as the psyche’s way to communicate with the dreamer.)

Believing in the importance of sharing one’s knowledge and insights with others, her retreats aim to reconnect individuals to their inner selves and these retreats are always conducted in a nature setting. Where possible, the retreats centre around a labyrinth as a symbol of life’s journey and as a tool for healing and transformation. As a labyrinth facilitator trained and certified by Veriditas [] she is a proponent of the psychological and spiritual benefits of labyrinth walking. She views herself as a “labyrinth connector”, someone who connects with the labyrinth on a deep personal level, while also connecting – or weaving together – individuals and groups with a similar interest in labyrinths.

She has been practising tai chi for the past 15 years.

Download PDF • 2.48MB

What others say:

“I attended a retreat hosted by Zarine shortly after my position as a Senior Communication Manager at a global company was made redundant. I had spent 23 years in senior positions in corporations and my whole identity was built on being a career woman. Little did I know that the few days spent at Temenos with Zarine would be a life changer. There is so much I can share about the retreat .... and it prepared me for so many things, as well. What stood out for me was the journey to finding the feminine within myself and realising that I am more than just a career woman. Four months after the retreat my mom, my best friend, passed away suddenly, and a week after that I moved to Australia. Without the learnings I received from Zarine I would never have survived. I highly recommend attending. - Karin Kleynhans (Melbourne)

“I had the most nurturing and fantastic few days at Temenos in McGregor. Zarine provided a safe space where we could explore often difficult terrain and where she guided us to find what we were missing. The composition of the retreat was also stimulating with talks alternating with different meditations and some yoga and walks and relaxation and entertainment. Temenos is a superb venue and the combination of the beautiful space and delicious food and Zarine’s structured guidance provided a truly great reprieve from the world outside.”

- Doreende Waal (Cape Town)

“Having acted as an evaluator for Zarine’s labyrinth facilitator training through Veriditas (2017) I approached her to facilitate a mindful labyrinth walk as part of my fortieth birthday celebrations. Both these events took place at the Chartres-style labyrinth in the Schoongezicht gardens at the Rustenburg Wine Estate at Stellenbosch.

In her evaluation I described Zarine as open, calm, engaged, grounded and attentive – her style is effective because she comes across as a very embodied facilitator; by that I mean that she understands and has integrated her psychological process around the labyrinth. She is also a very professional and effective presenter and contained the labyrinth space with ease, poise, and authenticity.

It was deeply meaningful to experience her conveying the mystique of the labyrinth as well as its practical and spiritual value.” - Dr Carin Bester (Founding partner of Psychology@RustenVrede, a group practice at Optima RustenVrede Psychiatric Hospital, Stellenbosch)

“I got to the point where I felt as if I was oblivious to how we squander our days on the obligations of the so-called rat race. The retreat weekend at Hogsback brought me to a stop & helped me to re-calibrate my heart, mind & soul. A truly enriching experience! The setting was aesthetically pleasing, the accommodation and catering were great, but the organized activities were definitely the highlight of the weekend.” - Adri Human (Centurion, Gauteng)

“The retreat was a new experience for me and introduced me to new pathways to my inner being. It allowed me to find ways to hear and listen to my inner voice.” - Elbie Honiball (Bloemfontein)

“I am most appreciative of the programme that exposed me to meaningful new experiences … but, more important, for allowing ample personal time for quiet reflection (so much needed in our over-scheduled lives). Well done!” - Dr Annette Weyers (Bloemfontein)

“I’ve attended two of Zarine’s retreats and can attest that each acted as a soul initiation or activation of sorts. In the most synchronistic ways, the retreats prepared me for a path of self-discovery, transformation, healing, and finding my own voice and unique way of being in the world. One of the practices Zarine introduced me to, dreamwork, remains a fundamental way in which I draw guidance to remain connected with my inner world. I highly recommend this retreat for anyone who feels the need for more authentic living.” - Dominique (Onrus)

Download PDF • 2.48MB



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