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03 - 05 Feb 2023 | Creative Art Retreats with Mary-Louise

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Reconnecting through your creative conscious.

Welcome to an experience designed by an Artist, Teacher and Specialist

Wellness Counsellor. Carl Jung said that in everyone some kind of artist is

hiding. Our unique retreat will take you on a wonderful journey back to the

true self, the constant unchanging self, the knowing self. Prepare to let

yourself go in a holistic space where you will be inspired to elevate your

creative awareness. Learn about lost aspects of yourself such as clarity and the

ensuing happiness it brings.

Relinquish stress and process your emotions as you reconnect through creative

consciousness and self-expression into joy and light.

You don’t need to be an artist, everyone is creative and this course is designed

to bring out the artist in you. The experience does not only involve and is not

just about the materials as much as it is about you discovering yourself, In the

process of creating. If you’re creating with a partner then the learning will be

about yourself and each other. Art is a very healing medium which taps into

our inner beings enabling us to learn about interesting areas in our individual

subconscious,so valuable in relationships ,either with ourselves or with others.

You should leave this retreat feeling enlightened.

Cost of retreat is inclusive of workshop on Saturday and Sunday, all materials,

accommodation at the beautiful Temenos Retreat Centre, 2 breakfasts and 2

dinners.R4900pp. If you book before the 31st of December you qualify for the

early bird special of R4500.

Private groups can be booked but must be a minimum of 4 guests. Just let me

know what dates suit you and I will arrange a retreat just for you.

Mary-Louise has been an Art Teacher for over 20 years as well as an award

winning professional Artist and is registered with the ASCHP as a Specialist

Wellness Counsellor. She has dealt with many issues around art as she has

helped people through life experiences by using the medium and watching

them flourish as a result. She is also an open water long distant swimmer who

has done the Robben Island Swim, a writer and a very proud mother of three

amazing children.

The Artist Roy Adzak cleverly states that good art is not what it looks like but

what it does to us.

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