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Temenos Books


The beautiful illustrated story of Temenos and its gardens - written by Billy Kennedy and illustrated in colour by Rose de la Hunt. Dreamfields is the perfect gift for children and grown up

Children.   R150 (excl postage)


Hidden Treasures of the inner garden

Compiled by Rose de la Hunt this beautiful booklet about Temore (the exquisite stained glass temple in the gardens of Temenos)  comprises not only the story of its creation but many beautiful poems and insights into the beauty of the inner garden of ones heart.   R85 (excl postage)


A Walk through the Temenos gardens

A lighthearted and informative guide to our gardens. Join Billy,the gardener, on a journey through Temenos and learn more about the beautiful sacred spaces in our garden. R30 (excl postage)

Love Fire

The autobiography of Rose De La Hunt, pioneering of The Odyssey Magazine. For several years Rose lived at Temenos and this deeply personal account of her life, she writes about the history and beauty of Temenos.  R120 (excl postage)

To order please contact our reception 023 625 1871 or  email

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