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McGregor: ENERGY; Aesthetics; Esoteric And You!

A talk at Caritas, Temenos, 6.30 pm Wednesday 4th May.

Please use the back gate C, all other gates closed.

Thank you.



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2 комментария

Неизвестный пользователь
06 мая 2022 г.

Thank you so much for letting us know which gate we can use to access easily. I just came to your blog and found it very comprehensive.


Неизвестный пользователь
06 мая 2022 г.

In a world full of uncertainties, insecurities, and corruption, everyone scampering for safety, One would always look for a safe abode to run to, considering the high level of corruption and crime rate in the world today.

Unfortunately, according to 2021’s Global Peace Index, the world is a less safe place than it was in 2020.

The aftermath of Covid-19 and a rise in tensions between powerful countries have resulted in civil unrest, with more predictions to come.

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