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22 - 24 March 2019 | Sacred Therapy of Journaling with Celeste Du Toit

A weekend of contemplation and reflection. Regain and develop your passions, dreams, balance, vitality and joy.

Through journaling, meditation, teachings, periods of stillness and contemplation you will be encouraged to explore and reflect upon your journey of life. Whether you are a seasoned writer, about to get started with journaling, or wondering if you should start, we will give you the tools to implement a journaling practice, the opportunity to refresh your ideas, perspective and inspiration to continue, share with and learn from others.

Practical take-aways: Journaling – getting started, maintaining your practice, what to write about, practical tips, lessons and plenty opportunity to practise Opening up and developing your awareness, creativity and imagination The power of emotions and getting in touch with it Identifying and releasing inner obstacles and blocks Stories, pictures, dreams – get the vision and magic back Being in flow with your internal rhythms Self-love, self-worth, and dipping into our shadow-side Reflect upon your journey of strength, vulnerability and lessons Develop and practice mindfulness at a deep level Meditation, breath work and spiritual practices Empower, support and inspire others, and make new friends Become more authentic and purposeful in your life

Facilitated by Celeste Du Toit, Transformational NLP Coach, Holistic therapist and seasoned retreat leader

“I guide you to discover, unlock and nurture your passion and potential to create more joy, fulfilment and a sense of personal mastery. My passions are people, personal development, travel and nature. I believe in holistic wholeness and alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit. I look forward to working and connecting with you.”

Held at TEMENOS Retreat Centre, McGregor W Cape, 22 – 24 March 2019 R4,200 includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner daily, all retreat activities PLUS Sunday evening accommodation free.

Discounts offered to Early birds (50% deposit before 15 Dec 2018), AND to attendees of the Inner Wellness Retreat 18-22 March 2019 at Temenos. Please enquire.

Reservations: Contact Temenos at +27 23 625 1871 or For more info: Contact Celeste on 082 741 9578 or

What previous retreat participants had to say:

  • This is the best thing I could ever have done for myself!

  • I am forever grateful for the experience and the simple yet powerful way you work with the mind, body and spirit to bring each person to their true essence.

  • Thank you Celeste. This experience has been wonderful. You in particular, have such an easily accessible nature and communication skills per excellence.

  • Words cannot describe the profound change I feel in my soul…

  • Thank you to you and the group for encouraging and inspiring me to allow myself to be more free.

  • An unforgettable journey of self-discovery.

  • The inner debate which has so tired me, has stopped for a few days. I now have a starting point.

  • I have been on a journey for years. Thank you with deep respect and gratitude for taking me deep within to an even deeper self-discovery.

  • Best gift I could give myself!

  • I found the gems I need to develop.

  • Leaving here uplifted…strengthened… positive.

Retreat Activities

  • Starting time: Friday 22 March 17h00.

  • Morning loosening exercises and stretching

  • Workshop, discussions and learnings

  • Journaling and creativity exercises **** Our beautiful journal will be for sale at the retreat

  • Reflection and rest

  • Morning walks

  • Meditation and breath work

  • Creative activities, including journaling

  • Retreat concludes by midday 24 March, where after the afternoon can be spent quietly if you are making use of the free stay-over on Sunday evening (own dinner and breakfast to be arranged).

Reservations: Contact Temenos at +27 23 625 1871 or

For more info: Contact Celeste on 082 741 9578 or


At Temenos we're always happy to host Retreats and Workshops, for more details contact Margaret

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