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2 - 4 Nov 2018 | Body Sense Workshop Retreat

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

BODY SENSE Alexander Technique

Experience the many-splendoured Arts of: Poised Self-Carriage – Effortless Mobility – Postural, Supple Balance – Attention-Awareness— Relaxedness & Release of Tension
Managing our lives in such fast changing, challenging times, we need the lifeskills of : POISED SELF-CARRIAGE – POSTURAL BALANCE – SUPPLENESS in body; ATTENTIVENESS – CONSCIOUS AWARENESS - FOCUS – in mind; EASY FLOW & RICHNESS - in our emotional, spiritual Self.
In ATTENTIVE-RELAXEDNESS, EASE and CENTREDNESS, we learn to maintain a balanced, flexible, and coordinated ‘USE’ of ourselves in all our activities, ordinary & extraordinary, throughout our day. Through engaging our conscious awareness and innate intelligence, the Alexander Technique offers a means to release all tension, strain and unskillful habits - which enhance our coordination, our overall health, mobility, composure, and potential for learning and performance in all areas of our life. Temenos, with its peaceful, beautiful, spiritualized environment, and Alexander Teacher Marguerite, come together in an extended weekend. Gentle guidance into Conscious, Relaxed, Embodied Poise & Presence – bringing body & mind into balance, harmony, vitality and strain-free longevity.. - as we move, walk, bend, sit, stand, do what we do in daily life. By releasing tension, stress & strain, we rediscover EASE in our Paths to Health, Well-Being & Impeccable Performance.
We will learn, re-learn & restore these basic, essential lifeskills as we explore:
10 WAYS to Frame Your Day
10 MOVEMENTS training in BodyMind Poise & Presence

Early morning: walks, meditation, Inspirational Tai Chi,Qi Gong etc Mornings: Workshop sessions - group Afternoons: Individual sessions - guided through the skilful , gentle, Alexander- hands-on process. Guidance or free retreat-time Evenings: quiet richness of music, poetry, story, whatever the evening calls … Meals: wholesome, delicious, beautifully prepared vegetarian Meditations: may be in The Well, The Little Way, Temenos Garden


R3 500 all-inclusive - single accommodation, all meals, facilities. Stay over free Sunday night


Marguerite (Osler) van der Merwe : 028 271 4555;, or TEMENOS 023 625 1871,


Thank you so much for a deeply restorative and inspiring week . You wove the wisdom of The Alexander Technique so lovingly and sensi-tively …facilitating tender and caring song lines in our feet as we re-acquainted ourselves with the wisdom that lives in our bodies. Thank you for all the love and deep commitment which lives in your gentle hands which met our bodies with such deep respect and care. Thank you for protecting this seed for the future of human evolution – this seed called The Alexander Technique. Thank you for giving us glimpses of who we truly can be in our bodies and on the body of this sacred earth K.B.

I value so much what you have opened me to over the years. It has sup-ported me in obvious and also subtle ways, through my reading and writing, taking me through the changes in my life C.R.


Marguerite (Osler) van der Merwe is a senior teacher of The Alexander Technique and Tai Chi, with 30 + yrs. experience in the mind-body-spirit domain. She weaves principles and practices of scientific, psychological and spiritual understanding into the realm of the Body, and art of Living Consciously, Constructively. In June 2016, Marguerite was awarded the University of the Free State’s CHANCELLOR’S MEDALLLION “for exceptional service to South Africa and the world beyond our borders.”

Author of ’THE ART OF WALKING—Path to Health & the Richness of Well-Being’, and ’EVE-OLUTION—Enhancing Feminine Consciousness & Body Awareness’.


The attentive mind is like a well-trained athlete , a disciplined dancer, a chess or aikido master – a mind that has all the subtleness, suppleness, flexibility, and appropriated knowledge to deal with every person and every situation in a totally focused and appropriate way.


At Temenos we're always happy to host Retreats and Workshops, for more details contact Margaret

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