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30 June - 2 July 2017 - Creativity In Silence

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

This Silent Creative Retreat is a supportive intervention based on the integration of Mindfulness meditation practice and Creative Guiding within an atmosphere of deep silence. The silence functions as a container of all activities: it facilitates an introspective approach and it allows the experience of meditation and creativity to reach a deeper level. The aim is to guide participants to get in touch with their inner strength and innate wisdom, enabling them to to shift to a more centered, resourceful way of being.

Nourish your body, mind, heart and soul. Use marks, symbols, colours and writing to explore that which is difficult to voice. Work directly with your body. Access your creative power and intuitive responses. Receive useful tools to shift old unhelpful patterns. Enjoy the tranquil silence in the garden of Temenos Retreat, McGregor. Gain the heartfelt experience of trust and a non-judgmental compassionate space.

Lila Ukabhai is a Leadership Embodiment Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator. Her 20 years of experience in the financial services sector has given her deep insights into the challenges that people face in the workplace. Lila believes that in cultivating moment to moment awareness, one becomes aware of the turning towards life which is filled with moments of pleasant, unpleasant and neutral experiences. We become aware of the thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations or our surrounding environment and this information promotes self understanding. We do Mindfulness practices with curiosity and compassion and in doing so we extend the gap between stimulus and response. This is an opportunity for a more wise response.

Karen Nebe is a Creative Guide, an Ontological Coach and a Leadership Embodiment Coach. The shaping of who Karen is today began in the corporate realm, where she lived in her head and gained lots of practical and rational experience. She nonetheless felt a disconnectedness that moved her to explore other ways of being in the world. Having combined the various methodologies she has studied, encompassing multiple ways of working through the body, Karen guides clients to reconnect with their original voice and a more resourceful way of being. All of Karen’s work centers around creativity that connects: to self, to others, to the world, to a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

Total Personal Investment: Single rate per person (1 per cottage): R4500 Sharing rate per person (2 per cottage): R3900

All Meals, Teas, Art Materials and Processes are included. No Alcohol Allowed

To Book: Karen +27 82 828 2028

Please Pay By 20 June 2017

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