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Review from BODY SENSE Alexander Technique Workshop-Retreat

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Thank you dear Margaret –

For the little ‘reductions’…

For Temenos TEAM’s constant , personal, competent and beautiful handling of everything – from the accommodation, wood for fires (in a time of cold), keys for rooms…

for patience with the multitude of admin items,

for MOST delicious meals, in famous Tebaldi-style

for relating to the little group of disparate individuals with fortitude and kindness

for all you/the wonderful staff at Temenos – dedicated to handling whatever is necessary, no matter what obstacles rise up !

APPRECIATION to the less-visible wheels – the gardeners, housekeepers, kitchen staff & cooks & servers/waitrons & cleaners - in all departments

And to the ‘HEAD GARDENER ‘ – Deputy for ‘The Beloved ‘ in this very special and dedicated Gardens of Temenos, McGregor – for vision, steadfastness, fun and gentle steering of this Ship of State…

I pass on the gratitude of all my group and myself as we danced in Closure at the end of our weekend – doing God’s work on Earth…



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