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12 – 14 May 2017 - BODY SENSE Alexander Technique Workshop-Retreat

Updated: Nov 24, 2021


Workshop-Retreat in the Gardenscape of Temenos, McGregor

In the inimitable Alexander Technique way – the’ Ease of Being’ – Marguerite gently works with each participant to reintegrate our basic coordination, harmony and design – a design that is so simple yet biomechanically perfect, allowing us the experience and potential of EFFORTLESSNESS – SKILLFULNESS – and steady ATTENTIVENESS in whatever we do and be. This wholeness of body and mind is ‘POISE’ – a beautiful, centred & palpable Presence cultivated through Postural Integrity, good Self-carriage, Conscious Walking, Lightness and Ease .

Finding this Poise is the foundation for the aim of our Workshop , which is to develop a natural ECOLOGICALLY AWARE relationship with Nature . This ‘evolution’ is arguably the most important attitude and work that our current time calls to us.

In Temenos’ unique Gardenscape, we find and embody our BODY SENSE ECO-AWARENESS & PRESENCE Here, fully aware, centred, grounded , relaxed and ‘at home’ in our own body-mind and as we walk, we can sense, feel, and enjoy our inter-connectedness and inter-being with the world around us— a triple richness of our own Being and Doing. Mindfulness is not enough!

To serve the angels

establish your Eden

in the crux of the world



Early morning: Walks, meditation, Inspirational Mobility (Tai Chi, Qi Gong …)

Morning/afternoon: Body Sense Alexander Technique:: The Arts of Poise—Postural integrity—Presence— Natural, Conscious Walking— Conscious Awareness— ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS..

Evenings: quiet richness of music, poetry, story, whatever the evening calls …

With time and space for what-you-will – wander The Garden, listen to the silence or the peacocks, watch clouds, leaves and ducks, write, draw, simply ‘be’.


R3 300 per person. The workshop commences Friday late afternoon, ends after Sunday lunch. Cost includes 2 night’s accommodation, all meals except Saturday lunch, teaching and use of facilities. FREE ACCOMMODATION Sunday night – time to relax and integrate the experience of the weekend before leaving Monday morning


MARGUERITE is a senior teacher of Body Sense Alexander Technique and Tai Chi, with 30 years professional experience in the mind-body-spirit domain. She presents individual sessions, workshops and retreats countrywide. Author of ’THE ART OF WALKING—Path to Health & the Richness of Well-Being’, and ’EVE-OLUTION—Enhancing Feminine Consciousness & Body Awareness’.

In June 2016, Marguerite was awarded the University of the Free State’s CHANCELLOR’S MEDALLLION “for exceptional service to South Africa and the world beyond our borders.”

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