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20 - 22 Nov 2020 | MINDFUL BODY - EMBODIED MIND’ - MOVING with EASE - Workshop

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

~ MOVING with EASE into ~
Integrating the principles & practice of Alexander Technique and Tai Chi-Qi Gong, Marguerite Integrating the principles & practice of Alexander Technique, Tai Chi/Qi Gong and Natural, Conscious Walk-ing, Marguerite guides us into the shared perspectives of these significant Arts. Embedding Movements from these disciplines to let go of strain and tension, force and effort, allows the body’s natural EASE & design, to operate. Our attitudes and intentions toward ourSelf and our relationships can be seen, felt and sensed – EMBODIED in what we do and ‘be’.
Taking home practical, gentle, self-care Life skills: Centreing, balancing, grounding our Self into Effortless Activity, Alertness, and Vitality - so that our actions flow from
the BodyMind’s natural intelligent co-ordination and EASE.

STOP the busyness of the treadmills of daily life !
FIND stability, groundedness, centredness, upwardness & openness as you
STAND with me WALK with me REST with me MOVE effortlessly, gracefully
Beautifully POISED, mindfully ATTENTIVE , finding RESTFULNESS & PEACE – LIFESKILLS !


Aspects & Etudes:

Alexander Technique - Is gentle, therapeutic, intelligent, absorbed courtesy of the Teacher’s hands-on guidance. Body knowledge of balance, tension & ease through releasing tensions’habits patterns - and learning how to USE your body as Nature designed. With gracefulness, effortlessness, relaxedness, true alignment, alertness, vitality, good self-carriage (posture) and moveability. Re-storing the effectiveness of our body’s natural mechanisms.
T’ai Ch’I—Qi Gong - the ultimate exercise-art & training. Slow, flowing, no-strain - in a beautiful sequence, or stand-alone movements - so important in addressing the ills of our western lifestyle,
Temenos - offers us its unique environment of quietude and restfulness, al-lowing us intimate connection and awareness of Nature’s Garden, and the space for personal ’retreat’.
Smatterings of delicious food, music, meditation, me- time, deep & creative relaxedness - all support the process. With time and space for what-you-will – wander The Garden, listen to the silence or the birdlife, watch clouds, leaves and ducks, meander, write, sketch, simply ‘be’.

Early morning : walks, meditation, Inspirational Mobility (Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Body Sense, other). Mornings & Afternoons : Workshop sessions - group & individual. Guided through the skilful Alexander- hands-on process. Also free own-time Evenings: quiet richness of music, poetry, story, whatever the evening calls … Meals: wholesome, delicious, beautifully prepared vegetarian Meditations: in The Well, The Little Way, Temenos Garden. Conscious Mindful Walking

COST: R4 495 - all-inclusive: single accommodation, all meals, facilities. Stay over Sunday night at no extra cost.

BOOKINGS/ENQUIRIES: TEMENOS 023 625 1871; temenos @;; . Marguerite: 028 271 4555/ 072 850 7292

It’s like this …

‘If only words could say how special the weekend was. I was deeply touched by so much. It felt open and vulnerable and beautiful and connecting. Thank you for your words always.

You have a special way with each person …. J V

I enjoyed being with you under Alexander’s umbrella. Especially watching you offer the same treatment/ principle to each of us, seeing the starting point and then the response of the individual. This was brilliant teaching! A S

What a wonderful few days of focus and not focus. Just loved it all with your skillful direction, the allowing and the being. The venue and of course the food.....equally delicious in their offerings. And the enjoyed the spirit ... and the learning vi-brancy. L H.

Alexander teachers ‘accompany people into their fluidity, spaciousness and poise, while en-suring their feet rest comfortably on solid ground. We awaken people to a sensory world full of simple pleasures and knowledge. Our ART is HUMAN TOUCH, an inexhaustible resource for education, nurturance, growth’. B. FERTMAN


Marguerite (Osler) van der Merwe is a senior teacher of Body Sense Alexander Technique and Tai Chi, with more than 30 years professional experience in the mind-body-spirit domain. She presents individual sessions, workshops and retreats countrywide.. In June 2016, Marguerite was awarded the University of the Free State’s CHANCELLOR’S MEDALLLION “for exceptional service to South Africa and the world be-yond our borders.”

Author: ’THE ART OF WALKING—Path to Health & the Richness of Well-Being’; ’EVE-OLUTION—Enhancing Feminine Consciousness & Body Awareness’. ‘PRAISE-POEMS’.


At Temenos we're always happy to host Retreats and Workshops, for more details contact Margaret



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