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26 - 28 Oct 2018 | Deepening the power of presence and awareness in your relationship | couples work


This retreat set in the tranquil surroundings of McGregor will open the door within to experiencing real love.

We all experience brief moments in our lives when we are in love. Our hearts beat more joy into our veins, the world looks brighter, colours are richer, and we feel invigorated! It’s as if the dark clouds have briefly parted, and the sun now shines more brilliantly on and through us, opening our hearts more fully to the joy of living! Feeling this way is beyond compare…

We never want it to end! We feel invincible. But then, inevitably, over time, the power of love seems to fade. The brilliance of the sunlight becomes clouded by the mind, and our sensitivities to the old world return, dulling our senses with problems and stories. When this happens we begin to forget the wonder of feeling in love.

But, what if there was a better way to be? Wouldn’t you like to dwell permanently in this elevated state?

To live constantly in love? So… why don’t we experience eternal love continuously in life?

Why does romantic love always turns to disillusionment?

To experience this omnipresent and freely available love, all that’s needed is a shift – a mind-shift, an energy shift, a paradigmatic change to how we see ourselves in relation to ‘the world’, to start to see with real eyes – to realise that everything we look at is made of love, we are love, and the entire universe is made from love. True love is not dependent on circumstances, people, external objects, or even time.


John Homewood

Integral Life Coach Founder Mind Enhancement Systems & Wisdom to Nourish Facilitator AWAKENING The Shift Experience

One-on-one Skype consultations: john.g.homewood Bookings/enquiries:

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