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An opportunity to get out of your head and into your body with approved Bowspring teacher, Charmaine Horsburgh.

The body can only operate in the present moment.

This retreat will focus on learning the basic elements of the Bowspring: A new approach for functional posture for all levels, and during this process we will discover the joy of experiencing ourselves as fluid, light and curvy beings, able to shine the light of awareness into each key part of the body’s form.


The Bowspring is a new and revolutionary alignment system.

The Bowspring incorporates the most recent information and discoveries on body mechanics: Specifically the importance of healthy connective tissue or fascia. Through an even tone of the entire fascial network, the practice of the Bowspring creates healthy springy bodies. Since its inception in 2012, more and more people around the world are discovering the powerful effects of the Bowspring.

The Bowspring is a postural template that can be applied to yoga, athletics, or simply moving around in our daily life – for greater lightness, agility, ease and power. It is a practice that is designed to counter postural tendencies which exacerbate muscular imbalance: locking the knees, tucking the pelvis, rounding the spine and collapsing the chest. The Bowspring alignment specifically addresses these tendencies by strengthening the back body and boldly embracing and facilitating the natural curvature.

During this workshop retreat we will learn the most basic forms and movements of this therapeutic postural method. We will also learn mindful katas – set sequences of simple, repeated movements which help to unveil our unconscious postural patterns. With new awareness of our habitual body language, we can bring increasing balance to our mind-body health.

We will learn about the 10 universal postural tendencies which unconsciously draw us toward a closed posture throughout out normal day. The Bowspring method integrates mindfulness training with the cultivation of compassion and accountability to help us create our own individual destiny. In this weekend, you can gain a transformative shift in self-knowing, which can reveal a path toward harmony and long-term health. The Bowspring is movement medicine which cleanses fear and bolsters courage.

This workshop retreat is set in the gloriously peaceful and beautiful Temenos Retreat Centre in McGregor, famous for its lush tranquil gardens, dedicated meditation spaces, peacocks and ponds, and quiet reading nooks.

A perfect space for fostering self-awareness, sensory perception and mental focus

This retreat is suitable for all ages, and all levels. No prior experience required.


This retreat is part catered, and part self-catering.

Friday 27 April:

Book into your room at your leisure, for a good night’s sleep.

Saturday 28 April:

  • 9.30 – 11.30 am: Introduction and practice in Caritas (the library)

  • 12.30 – 2.30pm: Lunch Break

  • 2.30 – 4.30pm: Practice in Caritas.

  • 6.30pm: Dinner (Tebaldis Restaurant, set meal included in cost)

Sunday 29 April:

  • 8am – 8.30am Guided Meditation in the Well.

  • 9.30 – 11.30pm Practice in Caritas.

  • 11.30 – 12pm Letting Go: A walk in the Labyrinth and close.

The cost for this workshop retreat includes two nights’ accommodation in fully equipped self-catering accommodation, and includes a Vegetarian dinner on the Saturday evening.

(Bonus: You have the option to stay over on the Sunday night free of charge).

Apart from dinner on the Saturday night, this retreat is self-catering.

Tebaldi’s Restaurant (Booking Essential) 023 625 1115 or 023 625 1871


Single : R2604 per person

Sharing: R2159 per person.

Please note: Space is limited. Please book at your earliest convenience.

Contact Madie at Temenos 023 625 1871 email:

'We are forever students for there is not a level of completion on the life path of awakening and self-awareness'

Facilitated by:

Charmaine Horsburgh 082 872 4402

About: Meeting my teacher, Swami Venkatesananda of Rishikesh, India in the early 1970’s began a lifelong journey of yoga study, practice and investigation. The culture of learning which Swamiji encouraged has led me to constantly be looking for ways to deepen and inform my own practice and teaching skills. I now incorporate the cutting edge postural alignment techniques of the Bowspring into the yoga that I offer. It has been my great good fortune to learn from, and keep on learning from, the co-founders of this beneficial system, Desi Springer and John Friend.

Africa’s first Bowspring teacher


At Temenos we're always happy to host Retreats and Workshops,

for more details contact Margaret

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